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Presentations format

Oral presentations

  • Plenary talks will be 50min (45 + 5min discussion).
  • Invited oral presentations will be 40min (35+5min).
  • Contributed orals will be 20min (15+5min)

Each meeting room is equipped with a Windows PC. Screens’ aspect ratio will be 4:3. Presenting authors are kindly requested to come to the respective lecture room before the session, to ensure that there is enough time to copy the presentation and to check, whether everything is working properly. Supported presentation formats are Microsoft PowerPoint and PDF.


Poster presentations

The poster size is 90 cm width and 120 cm height (DIN A0), i.e. portrait format. The authors are requested to mount their poster in the morning of the day of their session, and to remove it at the end of the same day.  You will find your paper number attached to the poster wall.

Please note, that it is not possible to print out your poster at conference site.